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Black Forest Together (BFT) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization established by local residents to assist victims of the 2013 Black Forest Fire. Established less than two months after the devastating Black Forest Fire was officially declared contained, Black Forest Together is here to help survivors not only survive, but to thrive. Our non-profit organization connects survivors with the resources they need to recover their livelihoods, rebuild their homes, and restore their futures. 


Black Tree Demolition

If you have burned, black trees on your property after a fire, we can help. Black Forest Together offers black tree demolition services after forest fires to clear your property and recycle burned trees into mulch. Together, we can restore our forest one tree at a time.

Tree Transplanting

Our tree transplanting program, Trees 4 Tomorrow, connects gracious tree donors with well deserved recipients. Black Forest Together is able to facilitate the process so you may begin to see fresh growth of beautiful ponderosa pines in your yard again.

Fire Recovery Consulting

The process of recovering after a catastrophic event is remarkably difficult. Fortunately, we have the resources to walk you or your organization through the recovery process. Connect with us for a consultation.


Black Forest Together was initially established to help the residents of the Black Forest region to recover, rebuild, and restore their lives, protect the Forest’s water quality and ecological health with an emphasis placed on community values, economic stability, and the richness of our natural environment today and in the future.

As progress has been made, our mission has been expanded to include reforestation of the burn scar through the implementation of the Trees 4 Tomorrow (T4T) Program. 


Join The Efforts

It takes a community of hard workers dedicating their time and energy to help the community of Black Forest recover, rebuild, and restore their lives.


Support Our Efforts

Every form of assistance has a remarkable impact on the recovery, rebuilding, and restoration efforts for the community of Black Forest. Donate finances, trees, or supplies.


Trees 4 Tomorrow is a program that originated from the need for new trees throughout the burned acreage of Black Forest, Colorado. This program connects tree donors with survivors in need of pine. Transplanted trees aid in the restoration process. Donate a tree, sponsor a Ponderosa Pine, or apply for a tree today. 

Disaster Recovery Consulting

The Phoenix Program is is a “turn key” consultative and funding model available to communities that are currently affected by or preparing for disaster. With this plug-and-play system, we provide the private sector with recovery plans, organizational structure; recovery, reforestation and black tree demolition programs; and a myriad of policies, procedures and job descriptions that can be exported to, and implemented by, any community in a natural disaster recovery mode.

With the Phoenix Program, our goal is to help communities affected by catastrophic fire to recover, rebuild and restore their lives, protect wildlife habitat, water quality and ecological health with an emphasis placed on community values, economic stability and the richness of the natural environment today and in the future. Together, we accelerate sustainable recovery, and help communities transition into self-sustaining long-term operations.



Whether you are a survivor of the 2013 Black Forest Fire or a neighbor ready to help the survivors begin to thrive, we would love to hear from you. Our volunteers at Black Forest Together are prepared to connect you with the resources you need, answer your questions, or get you started with one of our incredible volunteer groups. Thank you for supporting the community of Black Forest.