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Black Forest Fire History

The Devastating 2013 Fire

The 2013 Black Forest Fire still stands as the most destructive and the most expensive in Colorado history. June 2018 will mark five years since the Black Forest Fire. 14,198 acres burned, 488 homes were destroyed, two lives were lost, and hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. The fire began June 11, 2013, and firefighters from across the state battled it into containment June 21, 2013. Low humidity, high winds, and temperatures near 90 degrees created the perfect conditions for the fire to explode in size as it jumped fire lines and roadways, expanding east, north and west. Heavy smoke impacted the city of Colorado Springs, located 20 miles south, and Denver, 70 miles north.​

Arial Footage of the Fire

Get an overhead view of the aftermath of the Black Forest Fire in 2013. Captured by helicopter, you can see the acres upon acres that were affected by the widespread flames, and the extent of the damage that the forest fire caused.

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Fire History and After-Action Reports

Locally-Produced DVD Documentaries

The Black Forest History Committee, led by Terry Stokka and Jeff Spector, has produced an outstanding 50-minute video documentary: “The Day the Forest Burned.”
This DVD includes 250 photos and six video clips, arranged with narration.The DVD is accompanied by a 28-page companion booklet, as well as three maps that display the extent of the fire’s damage.
The DVD and three maps sell for $15. The accompanying 28-page booklet is an extra $3. All proceeds will go to the Black Forest Community Club, to be directed to relief agencies that serve fire survivors.
To order any of these materials, please call Terry Stokka at 495-0895 or email him at Checks should be made payable to the Black Forest Community Club, a nonprofit organization.