Recover. Rebuild. Restore.

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Forest Recovery

Fire Recovery Services Black Forest, CO

Forest Recovery

Black Forest Together is working to improve the health and safety of our forest by providing information, volunteer help, and other support to property owners as they…

  • Remove the black: Clearing burned trees, replanting barren land, restoring wildlife and bird habitat,  and preventing post-fire erosion
  • Mitigate the green: Removing excess trees to reduce the chance of another catastrophic wildfire

Fire Recovery Consulting

Prepare for Forest Fires

We offer fire recovery consulting to organizations to plan, prepare, and recover in a time of emergency like a forest fire.
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Wildfire Mitigation

Prevent Forest Fires

Black Forest Together offers fire mitigation services for residents in Black Forest to help prevent against burning and future fires.
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The Phoenix Program

The Phoenix Program is a “turn key” consultative and funding model that provides recovery plans for communities in natural disaster recovery mode. This plug-and-play program includes organizational structure, policies, procedures, and job descriptions intended to accelerate sustainable recovery activities and assist transition into self-sustaining long-term operations. 

With the Phoenix Program, our goal is to help communities affected by catastrophic fire to recover, rebuild and restore their lives, protect wildlife habitat, water quality and ecological health with an emphasis placed on community values, economic stability and the richness of the natural environment today and in the future.

Read the Forestry Information Guide (the “FIG Book”)

There is a wealth of information available in the 2014-2015 Forestry Information Guide published by the El Paso County Slash-Mulch Program. This book is available at no charge at the Slash-Mulch site at Herring & Shoup Roads.