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Manitou Incline closure, and Black Forest Park fire recovery

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Black Forest Regional Park is still recovering from the Black Forest Fire that left it heavily damaged. The El Paso County Parks Department recently completed an assessment to determine the best trail plan for the park.

The department, in conjunction with other county agencies, the Black Forest Trails Association, Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates and the Trails and Open Space Coalition, developed several different trails plans for the park, including trails intended for foot, horse and bike users. After weighing the costs and sustainability of the various options, the parks department selected a plan for 3.42 miles of 6-8′ trails and 5.2 miles of narrower single-track, all of which will be multi-use trails.

The plan was endorsed by the county Parks Advisory Board at its August meeting and is now slated to be presented to the Board of County Commissioners for final approval. Work is expected to begin soon after BOCC approval. 

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