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Free Resources and Tips for Forest Fire Recovery

Black Forest Together is proud to supply our community with dozens of resources for fire recovery, prevention, consulting, clean-up, and more. We thank the support of our neighbors and organizations who have volunteered and donated to make our efforts possible. Below, you can find many free and helpful resources to help prevent forest fires, find opportunities to get firewood or seedlings, and more.

Firewise Tips

If you are a property owner in Black Forest, there are many things you can do to be “smart” about forest fire prevention. We have collected a variety of tips and suggestions to help mitigate your property and decrease the chance of fire spread.

Preparedness Tips

In case of a forest fire emergency, there are many things that you can do to protect your family, your home, and your organizations. From preparing an evacuation plan to updating your insurance plans, we have outlined all these tips and more.

Forest Recovery: What You Can Do to Start the Process

Was your neighborhood affected by the Black Forest Fire of 2013? We have helped dozens of home and property owners recover after the tragic event of a forest fire. We’ve provided several tips and resources on how you can start the forest recovery process after a fire.


If you have excess firewood you’d like to donate, or are in need of firewood for your home, we have resources to connect you with both needs.


We partner with the Colorado State Forest Service to get seedlings of all types to start the re-growth of the community. See their site for more information.

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