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Tree Transplanting

Trees 4 Tomorrow Program

Our mission at Black Forest Together is to recover, rebuild, and restore this incredible place we call home. After the 2013 Black Forest Fire, our forest community was devastated, its foliage destroyed. By helping the community recover through black tree demolition, property clean up, tree and wildfire mitigation, and more for the past several years, we are making progress in our latest initiative: Reforestation.

Trees 4 Tomorrow Program (T4T Program) is an innovative, green approach transplanting healthy trees from unmitigated properties to burn scar properties needing reforestation. (T4T Program) connects landowners who lost trees to the wild fire with donors who provide or sponsor trees.

This program is a cost-effective way to expedite reforestation due to the slow growth of Ponderosa Pine.  The net result is a transplanted tree already acclimated to the Black Forest at only 30-40% of what a conventionally purchased tree would cost. Expenses are limited to those related to transplanting operations.

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Our Mission

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

Trees 4 Tomorrow Program was designed to provide a quicker and more affordable alternative to reforestation after the forest fire. This program helps promote forest regrowth and helps property owners restore their property.

A second objective is restoring wildlife and bird habitats that were destroyed during the fire while protecting our watersheds and impeding erosion. Transplanting local, acclimated trees to the burn scar helps restore the local ecosystem and promotes reforestation.

Trees 4 Tomorrow is a community based platform, and remains committed to Black Forest recovery.

How You Can Help


Sponsor a Tree Transplant

You can be a part of the Black Forest Fire Recovery. A single 4-foot pine tree costs $100 to transplant into the burn scar. Your donation will make a difference.

Donate Trees

Donate Trees

BFT and T4T accepts donations for trees and tree saplings. Your generous donation helps us transplant MORE trees and contributes to the restoration of our forest.