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Volunteer Positions

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Black Forest Together. Below is a list of volunteer positions we have available. If you have a preferred position, please select it on the volunteer application form


​BFT Sawyers are S-212 certified and are primarily employed for mitigation of forested properties to include felling, bucking and limbing of trees with trunks that are 18 inches in diameter or less, cutting ladder fuels and limbing of branches of healthy trees up to 8 feet from the ground. Limited felling, bucking and the limbing of burned trees that are considered hazardous is required. Sawyers also clear-cut areas to serve as fire breaks or access corridors for fire fighters and their equipment. For safety reasons, sawyers will work in teams of at least 2. Physical requirements will include walking on uneven and hazardous terrain and the ability to work for at least 6 hours in a given day.  Volunteers requesting this position should have a strong attention to detail and concern for safety matters. BFT can offer sawyer training for those who are available to work at least one day a month.

Team Lead

​T​he team lead’s role is a liaison between Black Forest residents and the volunteer teams helping with cleanup and/or mitigation. Duties include working with the resident /homeowner to understand the work to be done, oversight of the volunteer team, and troubleshooting as needed. Physical requirements include being able to walk the terrain and be outdoors for 4-6 hours.  Although physically helping the volunteers is appreciated, if you have physical limitations, it is not necessary. Typical work projects include picking up and loading slash or burnt wood, and creating a defensible space around the home by cutting small branches with a hand saw and raking and bagging pine needles. With the addition of the new chipper to our tool and equipment inventory, we would like to train some team leads on its operation. Team leads also conduct safety briefings related to the project. The team lead will ensure that liability waivers have been collected from all participants, and will prepare a short after report (less than one page) of the day’s activities.

Work Crew Team Member

Volunteers are also needed to help with the work teams. Work team crew members may be assigned to work projects according to age and physical abilities.  Many work projects need crew members who are able to pick up slash (branches removed from trees) and carry it to the chipper operator where the branches will be chipped.  Other crew members may be asked to gather slash and pile it in an orderly fashion for the chipper operator.  Younger crew members may assist by picking up sticks and branches and making piles, moving rocks, stacking logs, or pulling weeds and picking up trash.  If log erosion barriers (LEBs) are needed, able crew members will be instructed on how to construct these structures.  All of the work project assignments require some degree of physical labor, walking over uneven terrain, being outdoors, standing for 3 to 6 hours, and being aware of safety policies.​​

Resource Center (RC) Volunteer

As an RC volunteer, you’ll be staffing the Resource Center where tasks include answering the phones, returning phone calls, responding to e-mails requesting help, issuing discount cards, calling clients to verify their ongoing needs, and helping with other programs. Experience using Microsoft Office and Excel is a plus.  The RC is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 1:00pm.