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Black Forest Together

The community of Black Forest is being rebuilt thanks to the incredible efforts of volunteers. Volunteers of all abilities who donate their time to the recovery efforts are greatly appreciated, and we are always in need of more community members who are willing to donate their time and energy. If you are ready to dedicate your time to the Black Forest Fire restoration efforts, please fill out the volunteer application form below or contact us today! 

Kids & Community 

Having children volunteer to assist those in need is a tremendous “civics” learning experience. By volunteering, children learn that there are residents in need of help. Life isn’t “normal” for everyone; there are others that need help. Parents can “lead by example” and become a role model by sharing this experience with their kids or having them participate in project activities to achieve common goals. They gain a sense of satisfaction and self-esteem in helping others and knowing they have done a good thing. 

Adults: Businesses and church and social organizations

Adults have the opportunity to sponsor a recovery or restoration project and join their friends, associates, and colleagues in helping someone in need. Volunteer community projects offer the opportunity for team building, camaraderie, and socialization. These projects allow one to give back to the community, build relationships, and feel good about oneself. 


Volunteer With Black Forest Together

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to assist with the Black Forest Fire restoration efforts. To get started, please review available volunteer positions and fill out the volunteer form below. Prior to your first volunteer project, please complete this liability release and review our volunteer guidelines.