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Tree Demolition

Black Forest Fire Recovery

Black Forest Together provides black tree demolition services for residents who were affected by the 2013 fire. In conjunction with Neil Behnke of Black Forest Impact, LLC, we can help you get rid of burnt trees on your property. This service is for property owners who:

  • Have black, burned trees that either have fallen and litter your property, are still standing and present a demoralizing reminder of the fire, and/or pose a safety hazard
  • Are tired of dealing with this formidable, dirty, laborious and hazardous tree demolition task
  • Are physically unable to perform to this task
  • Can’t afford commercial tree demolition rates

Our unique tree demolition process includes felling burnt trees and converting them into mulch using a masticator. Read below to learn the details of this program and how to request this service.

About This Service

Black Forest Together is proud to offer this incredibly beneficial service in conjunction with Neil Behnke, of Black Forest Impact, LLC. Neil is the winner of the John Deere “Small Machine/Big Impact” Contest, and received and trained on the skid steer and mulcher attachment.


Charges: In order to conduct operations, there will be charges for expenses which include fuel, lubricants, equipment insurance, liability insurance, maintenance, repairs, transport/mobilization and general overhead and administration.

Pricing: For services of the black tree demolition program will be modeled similar to the BFT Trees4Tomorrow Program. There are two classifications of pricing for those that were owners of property at time of the 2013 fire and those that purchased property subsequent to the fire. The first category will be charged $850/day; the latter category $1,000.   A day of operation Is considered 6 hours of machine time. Black Forest impact, LLC will provide property owners an estimate of the time required to complete a project. Payment adjustments will be made for projects completed in times less or greater than the estimate in half day increments.

Owners of property at time of the 2013 fire that are unable to pay pricing rates may apply for financial assistance with BFT.

It should be noted that pricing for services offered is significantly below market rates ($3,000 plus/acre) and that Neil is donating his time and equipment. Any funds exceeding expenses will be used to fund the projects of those approved for financial assistance and general operating expenses. Neil and BFT believe that this demolition program will be an affordable alternative to commercial pricing and allow the residence of Black Forest to clear their property of black sticks and focus on reforestation.

Capabilities of Mulcher: Felling and mulching burnt trees up to 8” in diameter. Demolition of larger diameter trees will be the responsibility of the property owner. It is estimated that 80% of trees will be 8” in diameter or less.


  • Services provided by Black Forest Impact, LLC: Demolition which includes felling and mulching of burnt trees in diameter of 8” or less. Residual mulch will be approximately 18” and less. Demolition takes the tree down to ground level with no stump remaining. No stumps, slash or logs remain.
  • Services provided by BFT: Administration of Projects which includes provision of project information; provision of phone service; scheduling site visits and projects; management of payments. BFT may also provide transport vehicle and trailer for the skid steer and mulcher.


Property owners will contract with Neil Behnke, PC and will be required to sign authorizations for access to property and waivers of liability releasing Neil Behnke, PC from liability from any property damage or personal injury. BFT is not a contractor for this program; its role is limited to administrative services.

Survey: In order to assess the community’s interest in this program, BFT is asking that those interested to email their contact information to . Contact information should include property owner status (before/after fire), name, phone #, address, approximate #acres for the project.

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